~for the love of music~

Volumen is a personal project born out of the lockdown and the
separating nature of 2020. Together with director Santi Aguado and producer Mar Font we set to create a
connecting experience. A platform to provide artists with a stage, empty venues with an activity and audiences with live, new music.
The first session were filmed in June 2021 in Casa Bonay Barcelona with the help of many willful and music loving people.

VOL.2 is featuring the SIMONA, an argentinian artist based in Barcelona, whose personality comes through her stereotype-free songs, music-genre fluid, that will hook you instantly. A true, committed artist with no prejudices



Directed by Santi Aguado & Onn Halpern 
Ex Producer Mar Font 
DOP Eloi Teixidó  
Edited by Onn Halpern
Audio by Angle Studio 
PR & Comms Marc Rodríguez  
Graphic Design by Martin Mur  
Hair & Make-up By Sandra Ordóñez 
Production Designer Anna Romero
Still Photography by Cristina Santa Quiteria 
Gaffer Cadhla Kennedy 
Runners Juan Carlos Tejería, Hermagoras Abezia 
Color Correction By Juan Carlos Tejería, Guillem Comas

~Thanks For Watching~

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