This is an ambitious project, a music film as it’s been named and a part of a bigger initiative called Nyado.
A collective of artists aiming their skills at providing stage and positive reinforcement to game changers, solution makers and inventors looking for a new path to take care of and heal our planet..

Filmed across Kenya and Italy and supported by many many positive people, this music film is telling the story of three astronauts, rethinking the meaning of their exploration and coming back to spread the ancient curing love between mankind and mother earth.

Featuring Phy. an amazing singer and activist and Watly, an inovative company reaching out for new solutions.

Check out Phy and check out Nyado!! and what they do and stand for.


~Maya Kamil~



~for the love of music~

Volumen is a personal project born out of the lockdown and the
separating nature of 2020. Together with director Santi Aguado and producer Mar Font we set to create a
connecting experience. A platform to provide artists with a stage, empty venues with an activity and audiences with live, new music.
The first session were filmed in June 2021 in Casa Bonay Barcelona with the help of many willful and music loving people.

VOL.1 is featuring the band Zoe’s Shanghai from Paris and Barcelona.



Directed by Santi Aguado & Onn Halpern 
Ex Producer Mar Font 
DOP Eloi Teixidó  
Edited by Onn Halpern
Audio by Angle Studio 
PR & Comms Marc Rodríguez  
Graphic Design by Martin Mur  
Hair & Make-up By Sandra Ordóñez 
Production Designer Anna Romero
Still Photography by Cristina Santa Quiteria 
Gaffer Cadhla Kennedy 
Runners Juan Carlos Tejería, Hermagoras Abezia 
Color Correction By Juan Carlos Tejería, Guillem Comas

~Thanks For Watching~


Official music video for Eitan Reiter - Choices.

Directors: Onn Halpern & Liel Simon
Production Company: Shabbos Boys.
DoP: Liel Simon
1st AD: Snir Oznovich
Gaffer: Noam Steiner
Camera Assistant: Nadav Porat - Chomsky
Choreographer: Asami Ida
Dancers: Asami Ida, Katariina Tuomiluoma, Tomo Sone
Make Up Artist: Or Kopelis
Costume Design: Nir Levin, Ronni Burstein
Produced & Edited: Onn Halpern & Liel Simon
Shabbos Boys


Official music video for Ronit Rolland - Buttons.

Anna and Mila, Mother and daughter, are living the circus life. moving
from one show to the next, living as drifters.
Anna, the mother, lives life by her own rules and immediate decisions, shifting her moods from enlightenment to despair.
Except of casual Man that Anna meets from time to time and with no fixed home all that Mila has is her mother.
Through their high and lows it seems that the child had developed a unique clarity that reflects this complicated relationship in a rather different light.

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