8 hours live stream concert
Filmed at the Elbphilharmony, Hamburg

“personal lullaby for a frenetic world… a manifesto for a slower pace of existence.”

Commissioned by the Elbphilharmony in Hamburg, we were tasked with conceptualizing and constructing the set for the original composition Sleep by Max Richter. A live concert played across 8 hours.

14 different light settings revolving around
silhouettes and the tender world of sleep.

Florian Kiehl •••••••••••••• set design
Jasper Techel •••••••••••••• director of photography
Onn Halpern •••••••••••••••• creative director
Liel Simon ••••••••••••••••• director

// Max Richter piano, live electronics
American Contemporary Music Ensemble | Ben Russell violin Laura Lutzke violin Caleb Burhans viola Clarice Jensen violoncello Emily Brausa violoncello Grace Davidson soprano

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