~A Wedding~
Lago di Garda, Italy

Director/Cinematography/Edit ••• ONN HALPERN
Video Production ••••••••••••••• WHITE RIBBON
Second Camera •••••••••••••••••• DANIEL CASTRO
Photography •••••••••••••••••••• DOS MAS EN LA MESA

Flower Styling ••••••••••••••••• NINA E I FIORI

Wedding Planner •••••••••••••••• LAURA BRAVI EVENTS & BIANCOANTICO
Veneu •••••••••••••••••••••••••• VILLA SAN VIGILIO



"It was truly a gift to have Onn capture our wedding day. We’re still amazed at how beautiful the film he created turned out to be. When looking for a wedding videographer, we wanted someone who could; bring laughter and a sense of calm to a happy (and stressful) day and think outside the mold of traditional wedding videos.

He delivered beyond our wildest expectations. When you first speak with Onn, he’s relaxed and laid back in all the best ways, while still being very professional and focused. He was really easy to connect with and met us exactly where we were at - a rarity in any profession.

On the wedding day itself, he made sure he got every shot. The intimate moments with just us, snippets of our friends and family, the beauty of the venue, everything. But it never felt like we were being pulled away, it was very organic.
Stylistically, we loved that Onn has shot and produced films outside of the wedding genre like music videos and shorts. All too often wedding videos can seem formulaic, with each video feeling like another version of the previous. Not Onn’s work.

As part of the process and to get a feel for you both as a couple, Onn asks you to send him some music you like. We had sent him some fun funky upbeat pop music that we had thought would eventually make its way into the film. He didn’t use any of it (lol) and we’re so glad that he didn’t, because he chose music that fit perfectly into each section of the film. It allowed for the music to match emotions, to flex and change in a way that other videographers can’t replicate.

We’d recommend Onn to anyone and everyone looking to hire a director (not just videographer). He captured our emotions, feelings and most importantly, love we felt on our wedding day and put them into a perfect film. You place an immense amount of trust in who you decide to have record your special day. We’re so incredibly happy that it was Onn.”

- Nicole & Logan

~Thanks For Watching~

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