~A Wedding~
Bamberg, Germany

Director/Cinematography/Edit ••• ONN HALPERN
Video Production ••••••••••••••• WHITE RIBBON
Second Camera •••••••••••••••••• LIEL SIMON
Photography •••••••••••••••••••• FLORA & GRACE

Flower Styling ••••••••••••••••• BOTANIC ART
Wedding Planner •••••••••••••••• JOSEPHINE GABERT



We have had the absolute pleasure to work with Onn for our wedding in Germany in July 2018.

His creative, artistic and cimematic style and approach to videography is unlikely anything we’ve seen in the wedding industry. As soon as we saw his work, we had our hearts set on working with him and we never looked back. Even though we didn’t know the couples from the sample videos of Onn’s past work, we felt so connected and emotional watching them.

We both don’t necessarily like to be in front of a camera, or recorded. We’re both introverts, yet, we’re both romantic and our day meant the world to us. We wanted to capture the memory of that day, what it meant to us, in a way where we could convey our feelings through the video. Onn took the time to chat with us before we met and understand some of our history and what we are trying to capture, as well as what his method was.

Onn and Liel were as light as a feather, with minimal equipment, and we often forgot they were around. It was like having an extra friend around, instead of some stranger and it made us so much more comfortable. They worked with the wedding planner to make sure they captured everything the needed without adding stress to the day.

The end result came without us giving any feedback and without doing any back and forth. The video made us cry, it made us laugh, it made us happy and it made us proud to share and watch this for the rest of our lives.

With Onn you’re not getting a videographer with artistic capabilities, but an artist with great technical abilities.
We could not recommend him enough.

- Samer & Anna

~Thanks For Watching~

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