I think of the wedding films I create as art, and I treat them accordingly. I put a lot of care and intention through the process, from the very beginning to editing and the very last steps. because my goal is to create something that is authentic, a film that captures the essence of the day. Something that will be cherished for a very long time.

This is why the process of making your wedding film starts before the wedding day and ends after it.

Every step is important to the craft but with that I always like to keep it intuitive, giving room for the moment to happen.

My background is cinema and the way I create and tell your story is rooted with the essence of cinematic understanding. From filming, editing, choosing the soundtrack and crafting the story of the day, but most importantly, my goal is to keep you free and reduce the amount of worries you have, my approach is to be light and flexible so the couple will always stay comfortable and natural, and actually have some fun.

My style is somewhat distinctive, please have a look and see what you think.

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* take a look at some selected films and what their couples said about the experience.

When we first watched our wedding film we were completely blown away! It's so special to have the day recorded in such a stunning, cinematic way for us to cherish over the years. Onn is a laidback, friendly and naturally creative person who has an exceptional talent for videography and clear passion for his craft. He worked intuitively to develop something that was unique to us, expressing the range of emotions of the day as well as incorporating elements of our personalities. We are truly thankful to Onn for creating our wedding movie with such finesse, our memories have been captured beautifully for us to re-experience many times over.

- Helen & Benjamin

We have had the absolute pleasure to work with Onn for our wedding in Germany in July 2018.

His creative, artistic and cimematic style and approach to videography is unlikely anything we’ve seen in the wedding industry. As soon as we saw his work, we had our hearts set on working with him and we never looked back. Even though we didn’t know the couples from the sample videos of Onn’s past work, we felt so connected and emotional watching them.

We both don’t necessarily like to be in front of a camera, or recorded. We’re both introverts, yet, we’re both romantic and our day meant the world to us. We wanted to capture the memory of that day, what it meant to us, in a way where we could convey our feelings through the video. Onn took the time to chat with us before we met and understand some of our history and what we are trying to capture, as well as what his method was.

Onn and Liel were as light as a feather, with minimal equipment, and we often forgot they were around. It was like having an extra friend around, instead of some stranger and it made us so much more comfortable. They worked with the wedding planner to make sure they captured everything the needed without adding stress to the day.

The end result came without us giving any feedback and without doing any back and forth. The video made us cry, it made us laugh, it made us happy and it made us proud to share and watch this for the rest of our lives.

With Onn you’re not getting a videographer with artistic capabilities, but an artist with great technical abilities.
We could not recommend him enough.

- Samer & Anna

Working with Onn was an absolute pleasure. Not only does he have a great eye, but his calming, easy-going vibes were a welcomed addition on our wedding day. He instinctively understood what we were going for, and seemingly effortlessly captured some of the most intimate moments of our lives. It goes without saying that his edits — from sneak previews, trailer, and full-length wedding video — were beautifully crafted with an eye for detail, color palette, and an on-point soundtrack. If you are looking to capture moments and details with a natural sense of understated elegance I cannot recommend Onn enough.

- Nicole & Logan


Onn captured our wedding in such a special, unique, but personal way, that tears come to our eyes, everytime we look at our wedding movie.
My personal highlight was to see my husband waiting at the altar and to be able to see his reaction, when I walked in.
Thank you Onn for such a special gift, you are not only an increcible talent, but also a wonderful person.

- CG & RG

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