ONN HALPERN is a director, editor and photographer who spends most of his time traveling or in between traveling, the love and passion to see and explore led him to work and film all around the world.
Onn’s work includes music videos, short films, commercials, photography and the occasional logo, he is passionate about graphic design and this is incorporated in his editing style.
Together with Liel Simon Onn formed Shabbos Boys, a duo which led to a few successful music videos which also won best music video in N.Y L.A. film festival.
Eventually, Onn’s core passion is cinema, since he first, way too early, saw “Dancing with Wolves” at the age of 3.
Cinematic viewpoint leads most of Onn's projects.

“Every visual image we see is energy translated into physical matter, taking pictures, filming, or art as a whole is a way of processing our interaction with things we feel yet cannot fully understand”

Onn is based Between Berlin And Barcelona and is always ready for an unknown adventure

Clients include:
Google | Le Meridien (Marriott) | Essie | Vitamin Water | TUI | Cewe Photoworld | Galia Lahav | Albar | Kandū Cajóns | SisterMAG |


TLV: +972 (0) 547708940
BER: +49 (0) 15739617708

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